Do You Buy Junk Cars? Why Yes. Yes We Do.

When you have a vehicle that's not much more than a hunk of junk, you might be hanging onto it because you don't think anyone else will buy it. Or, perhaps you don't have the money or the means to have it towed somewhere to get an offer or make a sale. Don't worry. You're not stuck sitting on that old heap forever. At Cash For Cars in Perris, CA, we buy junk cars.

Why should I sell to you?

Why not? Has anyone else come knocking on your door and asked you, "Pardon me. Do you perhaps wish to sell that delightful rust bucket out there in your driveway. I'm looking for a lawn ornament and this would make the perfect centerpiece!"? Yeah. We didn't think so.

Anyway, there's more benefits to selling your junk vehicle to us than just the we're-probably-the-only-ones-who-would-buy-it argument. The most important of these is that we're willing to pay you cash money for that beater and get it off your property. And if that's not enough, it doesn't matter if it's running or not, if the transmission is shot, or if you can't even start it. We'll take it anyway. We'll even come and get it to make it even easier for you. While we're there, we'll pay you in cash.

It just needs a little work - maybe I should hang onto it a while longer . . .

It's completely up to you what you want to do with your own automobile. But seriously, why would you hang onto a clunker when we'll pay you with the green stuff. Bills that can be used toward buying a better, more reliable car that will get you where you need to go. This can be important if you have places to go, things to do, and people to see. Plus, just think of how much you'll save the environment by getting rid of that leaky-pete vehicle that's drooling who-knows-what kind of ooze onto the ground.

What is a junk car?

A junk car can be many things. A vehicle that doesn't run, that's been severely damaged in an accident, one that's turned into a money pit to keep it going, or one that spends more time at the shop or in your garage than it does on the road.

If it's doing nothing for you now, it can when you turn it into money at Cash For Cars. Call us today at (951) 319-2624 to take care of your junk car the easy way.